EST. 1989

Adrianna Polished Chrome Hot Tap

Adrianna Polished Chrome Hot Tap


Say goodbye to your traditional kettle with Adrianna filtered boiling water tap in chrome - you'll never have to wait for the water to boil again! At the touch of a button, you can instantly fill a pan with boiling water in preparation for dinner.


Instantly filtered boiling water, at just the right amount, whether making a hot drink or filling a pan. 100°C smooth flow filtered boiling water.

Safest Child Protection System

Our 3-in-1 HotSpot Titanium water appliances have a unique and patented child safety system: Intelliprotect®

Pure Water Quality

Only purified filtered water enters the titanium heater for better-tasting drinking water.

Sustainable and durable

A 20-Year warranty on our non-corroding, robust and reliable titanium water tank.


  • Filtered boiling water with a smooth flow
  • Minimal steam and no spluttering
  • Child safety feature (Intelliprotect®)
  • Non-corrosive titanium pressure tank
  • 5 year warranty (following registration)


Polished Chrome


Weight (KG)
Dimensions (CM)
W16.6 x H37.8 x D20.8
Tap height (CM)
Dispense height (CM)
Chilled capacity
Max power consumption
Tank Capacity (L)


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