EST. 1989

AA First 3300X Bottle Water Cooler

AA First 3300X Bottle Water Cooler


Contactless cooler avoids hand contact with push paddle taps

Automatic sanitisation now available

SIPneo3 automatic 24/7 ozone sanitisation can be retro-fitted to Floor-Standing, Tank Fed POU Coolers to achieve maximum hygiene & reduce the need for sanitising visits by 50% (*Not suitable for Direct Chill Coolers)


  • Floor standing or table top options
  • Simple Conversion Kit from Bottled to POU or POU to Bottled available
  • Ambient & Chilled and Hot & Chilled options
  • Manual “tamper proof” Push Down Taps and lack of electronics ensures longevity and easy servicing
  • FloodGuard inlet solenoid protects the cooler against large scale flooding
  • Manual taps and lack of any PCB’s or solenoids makes for easy maintenance
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Built on the same platform, and uses many of the same parts as the well known A4400FIZZ, ArcticChill88 and ArcticStar55
  • The 3300X fits our overflow and mains drainage kit with or without pump and cowling


Dark Grey


Weight (KG)
Dimensions (CM)
34W x 116.5H x 34D
Tap height (CM)
Dispense height (CM)
Chilled capacity
Max power consumption
Tank Capacity (L)


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