EST. 1989

Oasis RFX Bottle Water Cooler - White

Oasis RFX Bottle Water Cooler - White


Our OASIS’ cooler has an alternative dispense method: the FOOT SWITCH RETROFIT KIT enables hands-free activation.

Promote safe and hygienic spaces by helping to limit high-use contact points that can harbor dangerous pathogens with a Foot Switch Retrofit Kit. Designed for OASIS bottle water coolers, these retrofit kits allow you to help keep your employees and customers safe. The retrofit kit relocates the dispense activation to a foot pedal, eliminating the need for users to touch the unit with their hands.

Along with the foot switch, this kit includes a blanking plate to cover the push buttons and labels to signal to the user that this is a foot activated unit.

Sophistication is found in clean, simple design and the OASIS RFX exudes this. The blow-moulded polyethylene cabinet sustains its out-of-the-box appearance over time whilst aesthetically remaining contemporary. We regard the RFX as the perfect solution for corporate campuses, healthcare, and education facilities.

The ‘inside-out’ cooling probe design used throughout the entire range of REMOVABLE RESERVOIR coolers ensures a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler.

WaterGuard offers protection against water leaks from cracked bottles and ensures that air-borne pollutants do not enter the reservoir.

The self supporting cooler chassis can be quickly and easily removed from the cabinet to simplify the maintenance and servicing process. The REMOVABLE RESERVOIR system simplifies the sanitization process - just replace the water contact parts with pre-sanitized components. Requires no replacement of disposable parts or use of messy chemicals at your customer site.

Reusable Sanitization kits available for this model.


  • Inside-Out cooling probe
  • Efficient and proven technology
  • High quality = longevity
  • Great quality-performance-price ratio
  • WaterGuard
  • Optional Cup Dispenser
  • Range of hot tanks available




Weight (KG)
13.7 kg
Dimensions (CM)
H99 x W31 x D33
Tap height (CM)
Dispense height (CM)
Chilled capacity
Max power consumption
Tank Capacity (L)
2.2 litres


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