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60 x 15 Litre Bottled Water Full Pallet (£6.00ea)

60 x 15 Litre Bottled Water Full Pallet (£6.00ea)

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15 Litre Pure English Bottled Water

Bottled from source deep in the hills of surrounding the Bishops Estate in Wiltshire, the water is naturally filtered through the limestone rock before emerging from modern boreholes. A light refreshing taste and a balanced mineral composition.

These are one-way bottles, fully recyclable and ever since early 2020 the bottles are made from 30% PET recyclable plastic.

These bottles are suitable for businesses that have limited opportunity to return the empty bottles such as;

Production, Offshore, Mobile Catering, Events & Construction industries.

Delivery availability on either full pallet 60 x 15Lts. Please note this item is non returnable.

Delivery time information: For the UK please allow 5 working days, Ground floor delivery only. Not available in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland



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£ 360.00