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Purehold PRO - Gel Dispensing Hygienic Door Handle

Purehold PRO - Gel Dispensing Hygienic Door Handle

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Scientists have confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on door handles for up to NINE DAYS. As a result, there’s never been a better time to install the Purehold range of hygienic door handles at your site, to help reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus between door users. Our Purehold PRO gel-dispensing door handles use our virucidal gel (tested to EN14476) that has 80% alcohol* content and that has been proven against viruses similar to Coronavirus (COVID-19), including Murine Norovirus, Adno virus and Polio virus.

* The UK Government, NHS and Public Health England recommend the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol content to ensure that it can kill viruses.

Product Description

A pull door handle that automatically applies sanitising hand gel onto the user’s hand when they open the door

How It Works :

To operate the Purehold PRO handle, simply

  1. Grip the blue "gel" handle
  2. Pull the door open as normal
  3. Rub hands together. It's that easy!


  • Intelligent gel delivery system (19 release valves)
  • Secure anti-theft gel storage
  • Robust aluminium handle with strong stainless steel frame (compliant with BS 8424)
  • Large gel capacity - each refill lasts around 2,000 "pulls" of the handle
  • Low gel level indicator (red flotation ball)
  • Easy replacement of disposable hand gel bottles
  • Low maintenance design
  • Approved for use on FD30 and FD60 timber and steel fire doors (tested to BSEN1634-1: 2008* and BSEN1363-1:1999)


  • Proven to significantly increase hand hygiene compliance and clean hands by 87%
  • ‘Intelligent’ delivery system ensures that the volume of alcohol gel delivered is always appropriate to the size of the user’s hand
  • Proven to be 98.5% cleaner than standard door handles
  • Uses virucidal gel for superior performance
  • Can be retrofitted onto doors using original pull handle fixing points (mounting hardware included)


  • Undertaken by a trained Pure Hold Installation Engineer
  • In the majority of installations, the Purehold PRO can be retrofitted onto doors without drilling holes or screwing into the doors


12 months from date of installation

Gel Replacement

  • Extremely fast and simple to replace the Pure Hold Sanitising Hand Gel
  • Disposable Bottle. When the red flotation ball becomes fully visible in the reservoir window it indicates that the gel bottle is empty and that it needs to be replaced

Price includes FREE INSTALLATION by a Purehold Engineer. Once Ordered, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date.



Dimensions (CM)
W 91mm x H 559mm x D 97mm

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